Landlord Checklist Bundle

Landlord Checklist Bundle



Landlords, do you remember everything you need to analyze when processing an application to rent your units? How about knowing the questions to ask on a zoom meeting with an applicant or a property management company you’re considering? This Landlord Checklist Bundle provides you with 7 Checklists including:

– Required documents to rent in Philadelphia, Pa.

– Required documents to rent in New Jersey

– Rental application review checklist

– Zoom/Live meeting checklist

– Property Management Company vetting checklist

– Move-In walk-thru checklist

– Maintenance walk-thru checklist

Having more tools in your Landlord Toolbox makes your job easier and more efficient. Do you want to free up your time to focus on what brings you and your family joy? I thought so! These checklists provide information and guidance that you don’t have to come up with… I’ve already done it for you 😉


Thank you for making the commitment to add to your property management toolbox with these documents.